"Advocacy is qualified legalassistanceprovidedon a professional basis by persons who received the status of advocate to physical and legal persons for thepurpose of advocating their rights, freedomsand interests, and ensuring their access to justice."

Chapter 1, art.1 of Federal Law 63-FZ "On Advocacy and the Bar in the Russian Federation"


Attorney's office will represent in the name of a client - Russian citizen - in the suitcase concerning separation of spouses' assets.


Arkady Lee law office is representing the interests of the Russian attorney who is trying to restore his advocate status.

Litigation - Cayman Islands
Cayman Grand Court permits US depositions of future trial witnesses


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In working with his clients, attorney at law A.S. Lee adheres to the following 10 Rules:

  1. The attorney at law completely trusts the client and the client completely trusts the attorney at law.
  2. If there are any doubts whether a positive result will be achieved in the lawsuit, the client is informed of it and, in such case, the attorney at law puts his hand to the case at the request of the client only.
  3. The attorney at law works without days off and always is available. He goes to see the client at its/his/her request.
  4. In case of business trips (including those abroad), the question of overheads compensation is decided by agreement with the client.
  5. If the attorney at law is offered a bribe by the clients opponents, the client is immediately informed of it.
  6. All that the client tells the attorney at law is advocatory secret and is not subject to disclosure.
  7. The attorney at law permanently keeps in touch with his client and informs it/him/her of the progress of the case.
  8. The permanent clients (e.g. in case of company subscription service) are given rebates. In such case, the payment may be effected on a result basis.
  9. The attorney at law pays a fee to the persons furnishing a client.
  10. Any other specialists (scientists and practicians, etc.) are drawn to work (if need be) after consultation with the client.

Basic Aspects of Services

1.      Family law (legal aid in marriage and family relations):
making up nuptial agreements (contracts)
dissolution of marriage
division of spouses property
disputes about children
advice as to legal problems of family and marriage

2.      Civil law:
succession law
drawing up any contracts, agreements, and other legal documents
advice and pleading cases

3.      Business law:
pleading business cases in courts of law, of arbitration or of referees
drawing up any agreements and contracts (including foreign trade ones)

       the cases relating to the business licensing law violations

       international private law in business

4.      Administrative law:
processing traffic accident cases

           processing cases concerning driving a car in a state of alcoholic intoxication

writing applications, petitions, and complaints concerning unlawful acts (omissions) of any public

authorities other disputes arising out of administrative relations

5.      Criminal law and criminal procedure (partners):
Criminal cases are conducted and related legal assistance is rendered by Arkady Stanislavovich Lees business partners having a considerable experience in pleading such cases in Russia and abroad.

6.      Labor law:
making up employment contracts and other documents
pleading complicated labor cases
assistance in settling labor conflicts