"Advocacy is qualified legalassistanceprovidedon a professional basis by persons who received the status of advocate… to physical and legal persons for thepurpose of advocating their rights, freedomsand interests, and ensuring their access to justice."

Chapter 1, art.1 of Federal Law ¹ 63-FZ "On Advocacy and the Bar in the Russian Federation"


Attorney's office will represent in the name of a client - Russian citizen - in the suitcase concerning separation of spouses' assets.


Arkady Lee law office is representing the interests of the Russian attorney who is trying to restore his advocate status.

Litigation - Cayman Islands
Cayman Grand Court permits US depositions of future trial witnesses


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Welcome to the website of Attorney-at law Arkady Stanislavovich Lee!


This website was created with the aim of providing information on highly efficient legal aid to individuals and legal entities.

Nowadays you cannot be absolutely sure that you won’t need the services of an experienced attorney at law. While Russia is developing as a rule-of-law state, more and more enactments appear and it becomes impossible to do without a professional’s advice.

The main legal services attorney at law Arkady Stanislavovich Lee renders to organizations are as follows:

  • legal support of company business
  • business disputes
  • protection of company intellectual property (copyright, patent law, commercial and employment secrecy)
  • checking up clearness of real estate transactions
  • recovery of debts, reimbursement of damages
  • examination of legal documents
  • drawing up legal documents (agreements and contracts, including employment agreements and foreign economic contracts, claims, etc.)
  • processing cases in courts of law, of arbitration or of referees
  • administrative cases (including the cases relating to bussiness licensing rules violations)

The attorney at law’s services for individuals include:

  • making up nuptial contracts
  • division of spouses property
  • dissolution of marriage
  • disputes about children (cases relating to the upbringing of children, adoption, recovery of alimony)
  • legal aid in traffic accidents
  • processing cases concerning driving a car in a state of alcoholic intoxication
  • assistance in succession cases and so on

More detailed information is available in Section Services of this website.

Arkady Stanislavovich Lee has been a practicing lawyer since 1992 and he has a unique experience in all-round legal assistance. Finding individual approach to each client, the attorney at law will consider all your needs and help to find a rational and reasonable solution of the existing problem however complicated it seems to be at first blush.